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About me:

I have loved animals all my life, and starting in 2019, I began working with animals as an independent trainer. I can teach puppy classes, leash skills, AKC test prep, basic canine and feline life skills, and provide handlers with the tools they need for stress-free veterinary visits and behavioral modification.

My Services

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Want to work on basic skills, leash manners, and behavioral concerns? Let's get started!

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AKC Prep/Tests

Searching for AKC readiness classes and testing? Look no further!

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Fear-Free Vet Prep

Learn fear-free techniques to make every vet visit a victory!

Pets are a special part of our lives, but we are their WHOLE lives. Let's work together to make their short time with us as valuable, meaningful, and joyful as possible.

Samantha Robinson-Adams,


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Featured Clients

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Forest & the kiddos!

In Summer 2017, I worked with Forest, a Siberian Husky, to teach 4th and 5th graders about dog body language and bite prevention.

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Chief & the Sommerfeldts

Chief is working hard to learn sit, stay, down, touch, and other basic skills for his AKC STAR Puppy title!

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Tom Petty & Natalie

Natalie's domestic shorthair, Tom Petty, or "Tommy" for short, has learned to be calm when going to the vet for regular exams.

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